Advice for Women from Women – Mid January 2009

January 15, 2009 at 3:26 pm (January 2009)

Welcome to the January 15, 2009 edition of advice for women from women. It’s a new year, and time to take stock and make plans for the future … a number of submissions address just that. Enjoy reading this edition of the Advice for Women from Women blog carnival.

Empowerment, Inspiration and Spirituality

Madeleine Begun Kane presents It Is Hereby Resolved (New Year’s Resolution Humor) posted at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog.

Astrid Lee presents Got Jesus? posted at World Healing, saying, “Around Christmas/Epiphany: it seems the perfect time to share some rather fun & inspiring stories that I’ve collected by (spiritual rather than religious) people in my world who met Jesus.”

Phylameana presents Becoming More Mindful – Embracing Single-Tasking in 2009 posted at About Holistic Healing, saying, “Multi-tasking certainly comes easier for some people than others. But I’m not so sure that multi-tasking is the best course of action for anyone.”

Verna Morris presents 50 Life Improving New Years Resolutions Ideas for New Moms – Ultrasound Technician Schools posted at Ultrasound Technician Schools.


Ruth presents Camp For Free or Nearly Free! posted at Camping Tips, saying, “Looking to find a campground that is free or $10 or less? There are more places than you’d think where you camp for free or nearly free.”

Kathleen Gaga presents 21 days to a life full of gratitude posted at Daily Awareness, saying, “Is gratitude something we get from what we have or is it something more? Find out where gratitude comes from and how to have more.”

Vicky presents Shop Local for Your Wedding Flowers posted at Affordable Wedding Planning, saying, “One of the best things you can do to lower your flower budget is to buy locally.”

Vickie Sloderbeck presents Establish a Weekly Date Night posted at Joyful Journey Productions.

Lovelyn presents Financial Clarity: The First Step to Eliminating Debt posted at The Art of Balanced Living.

Jeonard Cook presents Home Selling in 2009 posted at How to Sell Your Own Home.

Silicon Valley Blogger presents Best Cash Back Credit Cards: Your Rewards For Spending posted at The Digerati Life, saying, “Your family expenditures can be put to good use if you maintain good credit and work with a family budget. If you qualify for credit cards with rewards, you get something for your spending!”

Tonya presents IBS and Pregnancy Complications posted at My Pregnancy Blog, saying, “Information about how Irritable Bowel Syndrome affects pregnancy.”


Verna Morris presents Top 20 iPhone Apps to Get Healthy in 2009 posted at Comments on: Top 100 Diet and Fitness Blogs.

Jennie presents How to Lose Your Fat Butt – Part One posted at Free Women’s Fitness, saying, “A great series of articles on how to lose that big fat butt!”

Carma presents How To Incorporate Exercise Into Your Daily Life posted at Standard Deviations.


Kelly Sonora presents The Health Policy 100: The 100 Best Health Care Policy Blogs – Radiology Technician Schools posted at Radiology Technician Schools.

MCA presents Top 10 Coffee Alternatives: Avoid the Negative Effects of Caffeine posted at Caffeine Addiction, saying, “Some alternatives to the addictive substance.”

Kathy Hester (GeekyPoet) presents Finding Organic Coupons posted at Geek, Poet, Housewife Wannabe.

Cary Anderson presents Simplicity for Weight Loss Success | Losing Weight Feels Great posted at Simplicity for Weight Loss Success, saying, “Don’t bombard yourself with overwhelming weight loss rules and goals. Set simple, achievable goals and watch the pounds melt away!”

Anna Nguyen presents Weight Loss Benefits of Oolong Tea posted at Style With Anna: Fashion and Beauty Tips For The Everyday Woman.

Joanne presents Improving Your Life – Be Healthy posted at Improving Your Life. presents Your Childs Hidden Threat Dust Mites and Stuffed Animals posted at Dust Mites, saying, “One of the most overlooked areas of dust mite infestation is in stuffed animals.”

Toni presents 2009: Your year is what YOU make it to be posted at Wifely Steps, saying, “Sharing with you one of my life guides to maintain a positive, healthy outlook on the new year. Hope this helps!”

Alzheimer’s Disease presents Alzheimer’s Disease posted at Fast Medical Info, saying, “Alzheimer’s disease is progressive and long-term, resulting in intellectual impairment alongside memory loss. It can affect people of all backgrounds, and is the most common cause of dementia in adults. ”

Money & Finances

Destroy Debt presents 20 Inexpensive Ways to EntertainYour Kids in the Winter posted at Destroy Debt.

Credit Shout presents How to Choose a Cash Back Credit Card posted at CreditShout.


candy presents Balancing Motherhood posted at Carrie and Danielle.

Jacquelyn presents Simple Ways to Teach Your Child the Value of Money posted at – Wise Parenting Guide, saying, “Teaching your children the value of money is the parent’s responsibilities through parental guidance and example.”

Shen-Li Lee presents A Useful Little Tip for Handling Imaginative Toddlers posted at Babylicious.


Heather Johnson presents Top 100 Gender Studies Blogs posted at Learn-gasm.

Sharontpc presents Bioidential Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) posted at Psychic Cottage.

The Smarter Wallet presents Women and Money By Suze Orman, A Book Review posted at The Smarter Wallet, saying, “From a financial blogger, thanks!”

Shawn M. Driscoll presents Career Portfolio Planning: Your Key to Long Term Success posted at Shawn Driscoll.

jen from windy ridge presents The Chronicles Of Windy Ridge | Random fact #5 posted at The Chronicles Of Windy Ridge, saying, “Our experience with postpartum depression.”

Woman Tribune presents Why Women Let Themselves Go posted at Woman Tribune.

Xquisitlife presents Never let go of your dreams! posted at The best is yet to come!, saying, “This blog discusses how to have success when going after your dreams with passion!”

Anne-Marie Nichols presents Smartphones for smart moms – Windows Mobile smartphones and the Samsung Omnia posted at A Mama’s Rant.

Minister Mamie L. Pack presents Continue posted at The Life I Now Live.

Aparna presents Beauty and Personality Grooming: Home remedies for menorrhagia posted at Beauty and Personality Grooming, saying, “Heavy and excessive bleeding during menstruation, with pain in the abdomen and the lumbar region is a source of discomfort and pain for some girls. Also called as menorrhagia, this sometimes can lead to anemia. Some of these home remedies will help in providing relief.”

Devon Coles presents Oscar Wilde may have been on to something posted at Pen, Ink. Life’s little vicissitudes . . ., saying, “I blog about change that happens beyond our control – and coping with these vicissitudes in a postive way. This article deals with Bell’s Palsy, reflecting on how we manage embarrassment. Do we, indeed, become like our mothers?”

Jeonard Cook presents Finding Phone Numbers for Free – Are these Services for Real? posted at How to Find Phone Number.

Vanessa Wolf presents If money were no object posted at Wide Awake in Wonderland.

Belle presents Quick-Change Cloth Pad Give Away! posted at Homesteaderbelle’s Blog, saying, “I am having a give away. The winner of this giveaway will receive one Quick-Change cloth menstrual pad. Cloth pads are so much more healthier for women than the disposables that are made with chemical. I am having this give away to give women a chance to try cloth pads and see that are much more comfortable.”

Katy presents Will Your Insurance Cover Your Pregnancy? posted at Katy Meets World, saying, “If you aren’t already pregnant and plan to become so, you need to go ahead and get yourself some health insurance.”

Posie Rider presents Feminism in 2009 – Go Fourth! posted at Posie Rider, saying, “It’s the New Year and time to Go Fourth for Feminism! 100 years since Joan of Arc was beatified in Rome, 100 years since Alice Huyer Ramsey became the first woman to drive across America, 2009 is hardly a big centenary year for Women. But we can make this year our own by making it the year that Fourth Wave Feminism was launched in the UK and spread across the globe like a tsunami.”

Becca Glouzstein presents How to lose post-pregnancy pounds easily and healthily posted at Inspiration for Mothers . Com.

Pregnancy Hut presents How to Exercise Safely During Your Pregnancy posted at Pregnancy Calendar, saying, “Some ideas for exercising safely during pregnancy.”

Woman Divorce Support presents Divorce Advice for Women: Help with Support and Recovery at Woman Divorce Support posted at Divorce Advice, saying, “Help for divorcees.”

Talk Prom Dresses presents Which Prom Dress Color Is Best For You? posted at Prom Dresses, saying, “Best colors for prom dresses in 2009.”

Menstrual Poetry presents January 5-11 is Women’s Self-Empowerment Week! posted at Healing Yourself Heals the World.

Myscha Theriault presents Green for Girls: A Feminine Perspective | Wise Bread posted at Wise Bread, saying, “An article exploring eco-friendly feminine care for real women. Thanks for hosting this carnival!”

Cheryl St.John presents Letter Writing: The Lost Art posted at Petticoats & Pistols.

dawn @ iowahippiechick presents A Frugal Living Reflection posted at iowahippiechicks talking …, saying, “A quote from long ago … and how it may still be relevant for those of us living today ~”

Candice Brokenshire presents 2009 commitments & goals – breaking it down posted at The Red Barn Cooperative.

Alecia presents The Boyfriend Jean?? posted at Your Personal Shopahaulic, saying, “Style tips and fashion advice for women from women.”

Lazy Housewife presents So Not Domestic: Every Woman Has the Exact Love Life She Wants posted at So Not Domestic.

Julie presents Cold Weather Skin Care Tips posted at Healthtrition Beauty and Health.

Heather Levin presents How To Have A Green Valentine’s Day posted at The Greenest Dollar, saying, “Tired of pink teddy bears and impersonal cards? Me too. Here’s a list of ways you can have a more intimate, eco-friendly Valentine’s Day.”

Amy Dumas presents Sugar, It’s HOT in Here! (Premenopause, Nightsweats & Sugar) posted at Eating Well ~ Being Well, saying, “In this post I share my experiences with premenopause and the effect my diet has on my symptoms.”

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of advice for women from women using our carnival submission form.

Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.



  1. Astrid Lee Reiki Master Teacher said,

    Wow, that for sure is a comprehensive carnival!! That’s a lot of work to put together! You sure are suited to the upcoming Year of the Ox.

    Now I’ll have to spend all day reading it! Ha.

    Thank you for inclusion. We’re pinging back at ya!

  2. Candice said,

    Thanks so much for the inclusion, this is a stellar carnival!

  3. 2009 commitments & goals - breaking it down « said,

    […] article was also featured on The ‘Advice for Women’ January blog […]

  4. Aparna said,

    Thanks for including me in the Carnival! Such wonderful articles in this edition – well done everyone!

  5. Devon Coles said,

    Thanks so much for including my musings on becoming our mothers . . . I’m off to brag on my blog!
    So much good reading here, I’ll be busy for days.

  6. Posie Rider said,

    Excellent carnival and thanks for being included! I didn’t get an email but I’m glad I’ve just found you – what a lot of reading I have in store!
    Posie xx

  7. Posie Rider said,

    PS check me out on the fword at the moment!

    This is truly a red letter month!

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