First Edition of Advice for Women from Women Blog Carnival

October 31, 2008 at 9:03 am (October 2008)

Welcome to the first edition of the Advice for Women from Women Blog Carnival. I am impressed and overwhelmed by the response this blog carnival received. Because there were so many great submissions, I have split the carnival in two; part 2 will be published on November 15. Thank you all and enjoy reading the following …

  • Kat presents Financial Fitness posted at The Part-Time Life – We have work-out partners, weight loss buddies… why not have financial fitness friends to help keep us on track with our $$ goals??!
  • Annette Berlin presents Free Purse And Tote Bag Patterns posted at Craft Stew – There’s been a renewal of interest in handmade purses and tote bags. They are the “in” thing to sew amongst the 20’s and 30’s crowd. The wide variety of patterns and projects on the internet in a reflection of this enthusiasm.
  • Kristen McCarthy presents Menstrual Suppression is the New White posted at – This season menstrual suppression is the new white. Designer oral contraceptives like Seasonale are the latest in cute pink pills to target the American woman. No more mood swings, cramps, or unexpected whoopsies during your weekend getaways.
  • Donna Freedman presents At the end? Write yourself a new beginning posted at Smart Spending Blog – MSN Money – What looks like the end of the world can actually be the beginning. Stability is a story that we tell ourselves so we feel good about staying right where we are in our lives. Security, whether it’s a marriage or a bunch of stocks, doesn’t always last. Sometimes it’s taken away and sometimes we decide we can live without it.
  • ITAKEOFFTHEMASK presents Finding Your Purpose in Life posted at – Finding your purpose in life is often one of the most difficult things we desire to do. What job is meant for you? How do you know what you really want to do in life?
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